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Modicon MC80

Solar field local controller for Concentrated Solar Power applications (CSP)

Optimal high-end functionality in a compact box that fits for solar plant purpose.

Controllers for Dedicated Applications
      • 5 products available

        • Best price
          BMXFTB2000 Product picture Schneider Electric


          20-way removable cage clamp terminal block -1 x 0.34..1 mm2

          507,100.00 IDR

        • Best price
          BMXFTB2010 Product picture Schneider Electric


          20-way removable screw clamp terminal block - 1 or 2 x 0.34..1.5 mm2

          613,250.00 IDR

        • Best price
          BMXFTB2020 Product picture Schneider Electric


          20-way removable spring terminal block - 1 x 0.34..1 mm2

          507,100.00 IDR

        • Best price
          BMXFTB2800 Product picture Schneider Electric


          28-way removable cage clamp terminal block - 1 x 0.34..1.5 mm2

          651,200.00 IDR

        • Best price
          BMXFTB2820 Product picture Schneider Electric


          28-way removable spring terminal block

          609,400.00 IDR