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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.
Today efficient grid management is threatened by outages from severe weather and grid operation complexity, from smart meter data integration and renewable distributed energy resources. Schneider Electric's ADMS is an industry benchmark, thanks to innovative voltage management features, such as VVO closed-loop operation and volt/VAR watt optimisation for DER integration. Our ADMS is currently used by 75 utility companies, serving 70 million end-customers.

New Report: ADMS and beyond

Adopting an ADMS system to manage your network is a key success factor. What are the other trends, strategies, business models, and solutions electricity companies can consider to thrive now and in the future?
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Demand management in action

What does EcoStruxure ADMS have up its sleeve when demand for energy peaks?

Safeguarding grid reliability

How EcoStruxure ADMS reinforces the network ahead of the storm, and how it helps the grid heal afterward.

Empowering Enel

The future is bright with EcoStruxure ADMS working for Enel to meet the needs of tomorrow and improve reliability.

Facing the storm

Schneider Electric helps SA Power Networks keep the electricity flowing in weather-battered Australia.

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