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    RCBO Slim Domae

    RCBO provide protection against electric shock and fire caused by electrical current

    Learn About the RCBO

Electricity is very useful for life, but dangerous if not handled properly

Based on General Requirements for Electrical Installations (PUIL), prevention of interference current to flow through the human body, animals, and anything that causes a fire, need additional tools in addition to the MCB, the ELCB. RCBO is a combination between MCB and ELCB in one product with the same width which is 18 mm, thus saving space and more simple in terms of installation.
  • Electrical protection with RCBO Slim Domae Do you know how the process flow of electricity in your home? And how do we avoid yourself from electrical shocks at home? Let's look at this show.
  • RCBO Domae Slim: How to Install at Home Installation is important for the security of the electricity network in the home. Watch the video below to find out whether the installation in your home have been done properly and correctly.

Facts About Electricity

  • Default Alternative Text 73% of the number of fires in Jakarta in 2016 caused by electricity
  • Default Alternative Text The electric current flowing in humans is 80 mA cause disturbances in heart
  • Default Alternative Text According to Law No. 30 of Article 29 th, 2009, the consumer shall implement safeguards against hazards due to the use of electricity

5 Keunggulan RCBO Slim Domae

  • Default Alternative Text 3 in 1 3 Proteksi dalam 1 Produk: Beban Lebih + Hubung Singkat + Arus Bocor (Kesetrum)
  • Default Alternative Text Dimensi Ramping Dimensi ramping dengan lebar 18 mm, sama dengan lebar 1 MCB
  • Default Alternative Text Instalasi Mudah Cukup lepaskan MCB, ganti dengan RCBO Slim Domae, dan memasang kabel netral
  • Default Alternative Text Harga Ekonomis Harga RCBO Slim Domae lebih ekonomis dibandingkan dengan harga MCB + ELCB
  • Default Alternative Text Standar Nasional Indonesia
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