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How do I configure a Lexium32M PTO output for encoder simulation when the Lexium32M is in combination with a 3rd party motor?

Customer using Lexium 32M with 3rd party motor configuration may have applications which require an encoder simulation signal (Esim) as feedback to the PLC for closing the position loop.

When using the Lexium32M with 3rd party motor the PTO mode needs to be configured for ESIM pAct Enc2 instead of ESIM pAct Enc1.
This is due to the fact that the 3rd party motors encoder is using encoder channel 2 for feedback.
If ESIM pAct Enc1 is selected no pulses will be present on the PTO output, therefore when using a 3rd party motor you must choose ESIM pAct Enc2.

See the attached image file to aid in configuration of the parameters.


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