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Where can I find basic programming information for ATV drive?

Published date: 14 May 2019

Basic programming information for ATV drive?

Product Line:


Basic programming.


Under drive menu:

tCC = 2/3 wire control
CG = Macro con fig
bFr  = Standard motor frequency 60 hz
nPr = Rated motor power= HP size of the motor
UnS = Rated motor voltage =  motor voltage
nCr = Rated motor current= motor amps
FrS = Rated motor Frequency= 60 hz
NS = Rated motor speed= motor r pms
fFr = Max Frequency= Hz
Itch = Motor Thermal Current= Amps
ACC = Ramp up time acceleration
DEC = Ramp down time deceleration
LP = Low speed setting
HP =High speed setting

Command Menu:
RFR = AI 1 for remote pot control
      = AI 2 for analog input 4-20 mA control
      = (See the ATV programming manual for other options)
CHCP = Not separate or Separate (depends on where start/stop and speed controls are coming from)
RC = Reference switching.

Refer to the programming manual for in depth explanation and menu structure.


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