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How to enable Floboss Driver log files

The Floboss driver is different from most of the other GSE native drivers and does not generate I/O or COMMS logs. Alternatively, there is another way to enable extra messages related to the communications that will be stored in the driver log file (DriverFlobossDriver log file). Those messages are usually needed when troubleshooting issues related to this driver.
The driver can have the "verbose" mode enabled by setting an OPC property on both the Floboss Channel and the Floboss Scanner that needs its communications to be analyzed.
Right-click on the Floboss Channel object and select "Locate in OPC Data Explorer":

Locate in OPC

Then browse under the "$Config" branch and find "LoggingLevel":



Right-click on "LoggingLevel", select "Set Value", set it to "4" and click the OK button:

Set Value1

Set Value2

The same procedure must be done on the Floboss Scanner object.

Now the regular Floboss driver log files will contain extra messages that will allow troubleshooting communications issues.
The size and number of Floboss driver log files can be set from the Server Status tool > General > Modules page by right-clicking on "Floboss Driver" and selecting "Logging", under the "Configuration" tab:

Size and number

The "File Base" field shows the location of the log files and their base names.

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