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Why F015 fault occurs in ATV310 Drive

Published date: 31 July 2019

Name of fault :-
    3 Output phases loss

 Possible causes:-
    • Motor not connected
    • Motor power too low, below 6% of the rated drive current
    • Output contactor open
    • Transient instability in the motor current 

    • Check the connections from the drive to the motor.
    • Test on a low power motor or without a motor.
In factory settings mode, motor phase loss detection is active Output Phase loss detection  i.e  605 = 01.
To check the drive in a test or maintenance environment, without having to use a motor with the same rating , motor phase loss detection or Output Phase loss detection needs to be deactivated  i.e 605 = 00 & again set it to 1 when connecting back the motor.
    • Check and optimize IR compensation in parameter 310, Rated motor voltage in parameter 304 and Rated motor voltage in parameter 305 and then perform Auto-tuning by setting parameter 318.


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