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Is there any difference between OC.F and O.CF faults that come in ATV71,ATV312,ATV12

Published date: 29 June 2019

OC.F is an impedant short-circuit fault.
O.CF is a fault Motor short-circuit (Phase/earth).

Micro controller interruption time is 250 μs, sometimes the current can goes faster than this time and drive firmware isn't able to manage it.
With ATV12, ATV32, ATV71 there is a hadware CLI level, limitation current pick before to reach the short circuit level. In general during CLI the IGBT order is stopped, and we have OCF if drive stay in CLI during 100ms, so during CLI the motor control doesn't control the motor command.

On ATV312 there is no hadware CLI, it is only firmware CLI it's better because the motor control can control the torque but due the low time reaction of firmware there is more O.CF than other drive.

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