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Smart building management solutions

Small to Medium-Sized Buildings (below 10,000 ft²)

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Large Buildings (more than 10,000 ft²)

The future of smart buildings is here

The development of technology has made it feasible for buildings to provide all the services that inhabitants require while also being as efficient as possible, lowering expenses, and maximizing energy savings throughout the course of the building's life. Future businesses will depend heavily on this equilibrium. And hence, the era of smart buildings is arrived. A smart building is one that makes use of technology to provide residents with a safe and comfortable environment while enabling efficient and economical resource use. A wide variety of current technologies may be used in smart buildings, which are also built or renovated to allow for the incorporation of emerging technology. Building management systems, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are a few of the robotics and processes that can be utilized in a smart building to regulate and enhance its performance.

Benefit from our apps, analytics and services

Improve occupant satisfaction and productivity with industry-leading customizable mobile services. Deliver the convenience your occupants expect and the tools your building management team needs with a wide range of services – from mobile wayfinding and nearby dining options to space analytics and the ability to access facility requests on the go.

Powerful integration and control at the edge

With unmatched device connectivity, our edge control solutions ensure that you can connect to your existing and future systems. Discover the benefits of a mobile, customizable and comprehensive user experience. Additionally, use solutions that are ready for AI controls and prepare your systems for future enterprise services.

Connected products provide a critical foundation

Ensure your smart buildings are supported by a digital IP backbone, and experience unparalleled efficiency in deployment and maintenance. Connected products are an integral part of the EcoStruxure Building portfolio, enabling building stakeholders to easily adapt to tenant requests and securely connect to an increasing number of devices added to the network.

EcoStruxure™ Building Operation Software


EcoStruxure™ Security Expert

SmartX IP Controller & SmartX Living Space Sensors

Smart building management system is used to manage the technology which is installed in the building. The building management system are well equipped with the internet and related IT infrastructure to create a smart building management system.

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Our mission is to ignite growth and enable success for our EcoXpert partners. Together we deliver best-in-class services and solutions to our customers.
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Smart buildings are the amalgamation of innovative approaches like the Internet of Things and access control that link various systems and devices centrally. Smart buildings are highly efficient as they integrate real-time performance data and aid in building management. They are convenient, simple, secure and scalable and are also a great way to reduce costs and save energy. The technologies deployed in a smart building help in predictive management which help in avoiding energy wastage and create custom solutions for the unique requirements of its residents.

Schneider Electric brings the latest innovation in Smart Buildings to offer security, comfort and control like never before.

1. What is a smart building?
In simple terms, any building that deploys technology to enable economic and efficient use of resources while simultaneously providing occupants with a comfortable and secure environment is called a smart building. Every smart building uses a diverse range of technologies like building management systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI) etc., to optimize, monitor, and control the overall performance of the building. At Schneider Electric India, our team of professionals have designed an expansive range of smart building solutions for several sectors of society like hospitality, healthcare, retail, commercial real estate and more.

2. What are the features of smart buildings?
In order to receive optimal output while meeting sustainability goals, recently, several sectors of society are choosing to modernize their buildings into smart buildings. It offers several benefits like real-time action, increased asset value, energy consumption, better resource utilization, predictive maintenance, and more by effectively automating different building processes like air conditioning, security, lighting, etc. In addition, a smart building is impeccably equipped with various features like centralized control of building behaviour, interconnected building systems, smooth connectivity to the smart grid, and more. At Schneider Electric India, we carry a diversified portfolio of smart building solutions that are secure, scalable, insightful, and comprehensible.

3. Why are smart buildings solutions important?
In our technologically advanced world, several businesses and industry owners are realizing the importance of deploying smart building solutions that are highly beneficial for accelerating all the standard building processes. At Schneider Electric India, we have a team of bright, futuristic, and experienced minds that work diligently to design best-in-class smart building solutions aimed to facilitate global, reliable, and scalable architecture to revolutionize the basic infrastructure of your building.

EcoStruxure Building Advisor, EcoStruxure Security Expert, EcoStruxure Building Operation, and EcoStruxure Resource Provider are some of the many solutions we offer for highly efficient and state-of-the-art smart buildings.