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    持続可能な最先端の小児病院を建設するということは、とても大胆なアイデアです。ヌムール小児病院は、シュナイダーエレクトリックのEcoStruxure™ Powerを使用して、10秒以内に救命用電力を復旧させる非常発電機を確保しています。また、医療チームは信頼性のために、クリーンで無中断の電力を使用しています。

  • A world-class children's hospital

    For Nelson Roque, director of facilities and ops at Nemours Children’s Hospital, the key challenge is providing clean, reliable, consistent energy that helps deliver life-saving treatments to children in need.

    The Challenge

    • Build a world-class, state-of-the-art hospital that is innovative, reliable, and safe for its patients

    • Provide consistent, clean, reliable energy to sensitive hospital equipment in an area notorious for severe weather and power outages

    • Allow facility operations staff to work behind the scenes, providing vital upkeep and maintenance, so children receive the best care in a safe, welcoming environment


    The Solution

    Safety and reliability with EcoStruxure™
       Edge control: EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert
       Connected products: UPS, Switchgear and AccuSine+ Active harmonic Filters

    • Complete integration, connectivity, and communication with intelligent devices throughout  the hospital

    • Real-time visibility into building operations

    • Immediate service support and response

    The Results

    • Clean and reliable power for full facility uptime

    • Automated JCAHO and AHCA reporting to ensure the hospital maintains its accreditation

    • LEED Gold-certified facility

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