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협업 오토메이션 파트너 프로그램


A wide range of strategically chosen partners to help provide complete solutions

협업 오토메이션 파트너 프로그램
  • 기능

    Network partners
    Thanks to the Web and our Transparent Ready™ strategy of promoting open technologies, our Network partners can help you achieve new, wide-open solutions for optimizing electrical distribution, industrial control and automation performance.  You’ll get easier access to data for more informed decision-making, helping you to maximize your competitiveness.

    Software partners
    Our Software partners have developed integrated solutions between their products and Schneider’s Unity software platform.  Unity partners are best-in-class providers in their respective domains such as electrical CAD, process simulation, change management, network management and SCADA.

    Architecture Extension partners
    Architecture Extension partners provide a range of hardware and software extensions to our automation platforms. Their products combine each partner’s unique expertise with technologies developed by Schneider Electric (e.g. Modbus Plus, Quantum) and standard technologies (e.g. Ethernet, Modbus, OPC) to provide you with the most complete solutions available.

    Over 50 partner companies and 700 different products are represented!


    The aim of the Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP) is to offer you complete, integrated solutions that will help you to maximize your productivity.  Building on Schneider’s open automation platforms and technologies like Transparent Ready, our partners help to bring you the solutions you need to meet your business objectives.

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    • Networking
    • Software
    • Architecture extension