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Prisma PH

4000A까지의 가혹한 조건에서 사요악능한 저압 배전반의 한층 강화된 솔루션

4000A까지의 가혹한 조건에서 사요악능한 저압 배전반의 한층 강화된 솔루션IEC 61439-1&2 규격준수

Prisma PH
  • 기능

    • Prisma PH: kit solutions for tested and IEC 61439-1&2 compliant low voltage electrical distribution switchboards
    • Cubicles for electrical switchboards up to 4000A, Icw 100kA rms/1s
    • Technical data:
      - Distribution system: horizontal and vertical busbars in a lateral compartment or at the rear of the cubicle
      - Metal enclosures: steel metal sheet (thickness 1.5mm on panels and 1.8mm on doors) with electrophoresis treatment + hot-polymerised polyester epoxy powder
      - Color white RAL 9001
      - Degree of protection IP55
      - Degree of protection against mechanical impacts IK10 (with door)
    • Dimensions
      - 1 height: 2000 mm
      - 2 widths: 700 mm (for functional units), 300 mm (for vertical busbars and cables ducts)
      - 2 depths: 500 mm (up to 1600A), 800 mm (up to 4000A)



    Pooling our energies for building safety in harsh environments

    • Prisma PH contributes to optimum safety of persons as well as to high reliability and continuity of service of the electrical installation.
      - All components (switchgears, busbars, distribution blocks, prefabricated connections, etc.) are rated and coordinated for joint operation.
      - All the most demanding switchboard configurations have been tested and are IEC standard compliant.
    • Prisma PH is particularly resistant to harsh environments and heavy loads. It resists to seismic constraints (Standard EDF CRT91C11200, AS1170, EAK 2000, ENDESA 1986, RPA 99 2003, Gore GR 63, Turkish Seismic Code, GOST 17516.1-90).
    • Prisma PH allows production of optimised, safe and simple switchboards to exactly meet your needs.
    • Prisma PH can be upgraded easily at any time without its original performance being affected, thanks to prefabricated and modular design.

    적용 분야

    Low voltage distribution and control switchboards for industrial buildings and harsh environments.