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PowerLogic PM3000 series

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PowerLogic PM3000 series
  • 기능

    The PowerLogic PM3000 series power meters are a cost-attractive, feature-rich range of DIN rail-mounted power meters that offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation. Ideal for power metering and network monitoring applications that seek to improve the availability and reliability of your electrical distribution system, the meters are also fully capable of supporting sub billing and cost allocation applications.

    The PowerLogic PM3000 series power meter comes in four different models:
    • PM3200 – Basic, non-communicating power meter
    • PM3210 – Power meter with pulse output
    • PM3250 – Power meter with Modbus communications
    • PM3255 – Power meter with Modbus communications, DI/DO
    • Backlit, graphical display with multi-language support
    • Standard compliance with IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
    • Accuracy class 0.5S
    • Up to 4 tariffs
    • 110 – 415 V (L-N, L-L) external power supply
    • 1A/5A inputs (CTs)
    • Compact size
    • Two clips for secure mounting on DIN rail
    • Anti-tamper security features ensure the integrity of you data


    Improve network reliability by detecting potential problems before they occur

    • Minimize downtime by quickly discovering and understanding the cause of the crisis

    Optimize your energy consumption & enable energy efficiency practices

    • Collect and analyze energy consumption data from each area for each type of load or circuit
    • Gain an accurate understanding of business expenses by allocating the energy-related costs
    • Identify savings opportunities
    • Use information to implement actions designed to reduce energy consumption

    Monitor the energy consumption of your tenants or customers and establish accurate invoices

    • Develop awareness and help drive energy-efficient behavior

    적용 분야

    Cost management applications

    • Bill checking to verify that you are only charged for the energy you use
    • Sub billing individual tenants for their energy consumption, including WAGES
    • Aggregation of energy consumption, including WAGES, and allocating costs per area, per usage, per shift, or per time within the same facility
    • Energy cost and usage analysis per zone, per usage, or per time period to optimize energy usage

    Network management applications

    • Metering of electrical parameters to better understand the behavior of your electrical distribution system
    • Network monitoring to assess power quality issues and optimize your load profile