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Twin Line TLC 53x User Guide

The controller TLC53x forms part of Schneider Electric?s Twin Line series product family for controlling stepper motors and AC servomotors. The controller has built-in control electronics and a power amplifier that works as a stand-alone amplifier or as part of a Fieldbus configuration. It can control the position of an AC synchronous servomotor and carry out positioning operations on its own. The TLC53x controller is available with four power amplifiers with a similar housing design. Electrical connections and functional scope are identical for all four units. The controller comes in two versions with identical functions: -- TLC53x IP20 controller for use in a control cabinet -- TLC53x IP54 controller with protection grade IP54 (category 2 per DIN EN60529) for use outside the control cabinet close to the motor







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Twin Line TLC53x V1.00 SE-US (.pdf)

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