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Using the NTP client in the TSXETY5103 with the SNTP server in the Connexium Switches.


The purpose of this resolution is to show users of the TSXETY5103 how to utilize the NTP client with the SNTP server functionality of the Connexium switches.

Product Line

ConneXium Switch


TSXETY5103, 499NXS27100


The TSXETY5103 must be of version 3.2 or higher for NTP to be available and the Connexium switches must be 499NxS27100 managed switches.

The Connexium Manages Switches must be set to have the Time synchronization enabled. This is accomplished by using the Web interface to configure the switch as follow.
1) Open a browser connection to the switch at the address previously assigned. The dialog for User Name and Password will appear.

2) Next you will need to navigate to the Time Dialog on the left hand side of the screen select Time.

3) The following dialog will appear.

4) Select set Time from PC if no external server is available for Synchronization, If you have an external server set it's IP address in the Time Source field.
5) Select set.
6) Select SNTP From the tree on the Left and the following dialog will appear

7) Set the Radio button on "Configuration SNTP Client and Server" to on and Select Set. Server configuration is complete.

8) On the TSXETY5103 open a browser connection to the module and select Setup. The following dialog will appear.

9) Select NTP from the pick list and the following dialog will ask you for the User Name and password.

10) After entering the Correct User Name and Password the following dialog will appear for configuration of the NTP Client.

11) Enter the IP address of the switch and the address of any secondary switch you want the controller to look to if the first should fail. Set the Polling period to reflect the amount of time between requests for an update. Note that setting this too low can cause unnecessary network load. Set the Time Zone and Daylight Savings to your appropriate setting based on your location and Save.

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