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Cannot display persistent variable in the embedded web page of some factory cast modules when opening Data editor, graphic viewer and graphic editor
Product Line
 Factory cast HMI (WMY, NMW), Factory cast gateway (TSXETG30xx)
  1. HORB communication is only used for FactoryCast HMI module (WMY, NWM) and FactoryCast Gateway (TSXETG30xx), not for others FactoryCast modules (NOE, ETY, ETG1000 ...)
  2. For FactoryCast HMI modules : all the variables are persistent; for FactoryCast modules: all the variables are non-persistent; for FactoryCast Gateway modules (TSXETG30xx): we can have both persistent and non persistent variables.
  3. When we want to display persistent variables in the embedded web page of the FactoryCast gateway (TSXETG30xx) module, only the data editor lite will display those variable because it uses the ModbusTCP/IP communication (port502). For persistent or non-persistent variables, the data editor, Graphic viewer and Graphic editor do not use the same communication protocol:
       Modbus/tcpip port 502 for non-persistent variables and HORB server/client for persistent Variables. The HORB is a Java ORB (Object Request Broker) protocol that uses ports 6001 to 6030 usually blocked by the firewall; the port 6001 to 6030 MUST be opened or in the application with TSXETG30xx, it is necessary to configure 2 variables on the same address, one is non persistent for the web page and one other persistent for services used in the FactoryCast gateway module
Additional Information
Principle of HORB communication
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