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Video: How do I reset a Process Drive to factory settings?

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Process Drive reset to factory settings

Product Line:
ATV6xx, ATV9xx

All models and serial numbers

Need to factory reset the drive

1. From the main menu, scroll down to menu 7 [File Management], press OK
2. Scroll down to menu 7.2 [Factory Settings], press OK
3. Scroll down to [Parameter group list], press OK
4. Select from the following list depending on what parameters you want to reset.  Select "All" for factory reset of all parameters.
- [All] ALL
All parameters in all menus.
- [Drive Configuration] drM
Load [Complete settings] CSt- menu.
- [Motor Param] MOt
Load [Motor parameters] MPA- menu.
- [Comm. Menu] COM
Load [Communication] COM- menu.
This parameter can be accessed if [Config. Source] FCSI is set to [Macro-Conf] ini.
[Display Config.] dIS
Load [Display screen type] MSC- menu.
This parameter can be accessed if [Config. Source] FCSI is set to [Macro-Conf] ini.

5. Press ESC to go back to the previous menu
6. Highlight "Go to Factory Settings" and press OK.  You will get the following screen:


Verify that restoring the factory settings is compatible with the type of wiring used.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

7. If the above warning is observed, then press OK to return the drive to factory settings.

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