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What causes an OH Fault on an ATV212 S-Flex?

Getting OH Fault on an ATV212 S-Flex.

Product Line:
Altivar 212 S-Flex enclosed drives


OH fault on the drive display

This is a drive overheating fault.

• The drive cooling fan is not working.
• The ambient temperature is too high.
• An enclosure air vent is blocked.
• A heat source is too close to the drive.
• The drive heatsink temperature sensor is malfunctioning.

• Restart operation by resetting the drive detected fault after cool-off.
• Decrease the ambient temperature by increasing the free space around the drive and removing any heat generating source from the proximity of the drive.
• Check the fan operation

If the cooling vents and fans are not blocked, the fans are running properly, and the ambient temperature is ok, then the drive has an issue and needs repair/replacement.

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