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Modicon M241/251 and M262 - Ethernet IP : How to communicate with a device (.eds file) that doesn’t support explicit messaging in connected mode?

When using an .eds file, the M241/251 or M262 controller starts the Ethernet IP communication by sending explicit messages to send User Parameters but some third party devices (which don't need User Parameters) don’t support this explicit messaging in connected mode and it causes a communication issue.

To be able to start the communication between the M241/251 or M262 controller and the 3rd party device, we first have to stop the connection(s) and disable the Remote Adpater with the following program:
EIPSC.EipControl(i_uiConnId :=  257, i_uiControl:=  1); // Stops the connection n°257
DeviceName_RemoteAdapter.DisableRemoteAdapter := TRUE; // FB_RemoteAdapter

And then start the connection(s) by using the EipControl function:
EIPSC.EipControl(i_uiConnId :=  257, i_uiControl:=  0); // Starts the connection n°257

See attached sample project (created with SoMachine V4.3).

Note: From EcoStruxure Machine Expert V2.0, these explicit messages will be no longer sent if no User Parameters are defined in the .eds file.

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Example_v2.zipExample_v2.zip [4.47 MB]
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