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Power Monitoring Expert - I have created two Logical Devices, both of which map the same register from the same physical meter, but the logged data is only available for one of the Logical Devices

It is possible to create a Logical Device and map a register from a meter that is the input to a Data Recorder on that meter, then create a second Logical Device that includes the same mapping, i.e.the same physical meter register is used in two different logical devices. If this is done, only one of the Logical Devices will include logged data from the mapped register.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert - all releases that support logical devices

Using Logical Devices

When this is done, two different entries are made in the IAS_MeasurementAddress table, but both point to the same underlying physical register. If this is done, the logged data is only assigned to one of the Logical Devices, and which one gets the data seems to be random. The software should warn the user that a mapping to a register of a physical meter already exists, and not create an additional one, since PME does not support this use case.

Should this be done, the user should delete the Logical Device for which the logged data is not required.

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