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Vijeo Designer BuildTime and RunTime: What is the new registration policy from V6.2 SP11?

Vijeo Designer Licenses are now changing with the transformation of the Schneider Electric Registration Server. The goal of this article is to inform about the new registration policy.

This article is applicable to the following products:
HMIBM, Harmony P6, HMIG5U22, S-Panel PC, Third-Party PC

New registration policy:
  • Vieo Designer Build Time: For New Build Time License of Vijeo Designer V6.2,  after the installation of Version 6.2 included on the DVD, you must NOT register using the old system and you MUST connect to the “Schneider Electric Software Update”  Server (SESU) immediately to update the software with the latest Service Pack before 21 days. After updating to the latest service pack, no registration will be needed.
  • Vijeo Designer RunTime: Starting with Vijeo Designer 6.2 SP11, it is strongly recommended to use the new PC Run Time Licenses (printed or mail), ( Ref = VJDRPCCZLSPMZZ , VJDRPCCZLSPAZZ,  VJDHPCCZLSPMZZ, VJDHPCCZLSPMZZ ) compatible with current the Schneider Electric Registration Server. On the targeted PC, you must install Vijeo Designer RunTime for Standard PC Version V6.2 SP11 from the folder “Runtime_For_Windows _SP11( _6.2.11.22) “ 
                            Here is the link to download Runtime_For_Windows _SP11:

Here is the License Manager tool for Vijeo Designer Runtime 6.2 SP11


Note  : if you use any previous Vijeo Designer RunTime Licenses for iPC/PC ( Ref = VJDSNRTMPC, VJDSNRTSPC), you must first install on the PC a Vijeo Designer RunTime for Windows iPC/PC with version  V6.2 SP10 or lower version to register the license. Once you have done so, the Runtime PC  can be updated with the SP11 version .
Here is the link to download Runtime_For_Windows _SP10: