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How to proceed to exchange Global-Data between M580 and Premium PLC ranges?

Global-Data is one of the solutions to exchange data between PLCs on Ethernet network. This solution uses Multicast Groups.

architecture with Premium and M580

If you select an un-managed switch, the global-data traffic will be broadcasted in all ports of the switchs whatever the setting of the multicast filtering in each PLC.
To avoid the publication of the multicast traffic in all the ports of the switchs, a multicast filtering protocol must be enabled in the managed switchs.
-The TSXETYX103 coupler of the Premium PLC range supports the multicast filtering protocols "IGMP" and "GMRP".
- BMXNGD0100 coupler of the M580 PLC range supports a single multicast filtering protocol "GMRP".
IGMRP and GMRP are not compatible protocols.  So the twice Protocols can't be enable on a single Switch at the same time.
The best way to manage Global-Data between M580 and Premium PLC range consistes to select the "GMRP" multicast filtering protocol.

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