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Uninterruptible UPS Power Supply

Are you looking for uninterruptible power supply protection and management solutions? Schneider Electric provides UPS power supply for homes, data centers and industrial environments. Our UPS power supply provides protection from power surges, load shedding and unpredictable weather conditions. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures its internal battery gets constantly charged from the main electrical grid supply and delivers a steady, consistent electricity flow to any equipment or appliance plugged into it. Uninterruptible Power Supply protects your electricals from the adverse effects of brownouts, spikes and power outages. An uninterruptible power source or uninterruptible power supply is a power supply system responsible for providing emergency load in case of power failures. Whenever the primary power source of your computer is lost, the UPS power supply ensures that the essential data and information in your random-access memory (RAM) is not erased, saving your system from damage. Explore a range of products that are propelled by an uninterruptible power supply for every situation- from applications of minimum KWs to multiple MWs. Find below the unique ranges of Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions offered by Schneider Electric and ensure your facility has access to uninterrupted power.