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Local Telemetry Unit with Embedded Software

Xflow is an industrial remote management software for Local Telemetry Units which performs numerous functionalities such as data acquisition, data historian, data presentation, alarm management, automatic control and local and remote communication

  • Features

    Xflow is software that can be embedded on various platforms such as Schneider Electric iRIO and XLRIO Local Telemetry Units. Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 18 months


    All functions of telemetry equipment
    Data acquisition:
    reading and writing of data from/to various PLCs, controllers, meters, input/output cards and sensors.
    Long term data storage: history of the data in time tagged files, with the possibility of performing complex processing (operations, differential recording)
    Alarm management: alarm detection based on complex conditions and criteria. It can then transmit these alarms to a large number of different media in accordance with call procedures with resumption and backup mechanisms.
    Automatic creation and transmission of reports (as Excel files through FTP or attached to email)
    Local or remote control of equipment
    Configurable not programmable (no specific skills needed)
    Open to standard and specific communications (HTML, Soap/XML, SNTP, FTP, SMTP, OPC DA client, Modbus, ModbusTCP, Xantrex, SunEzy)

    Built-in web based HMI
    Adapted to LAN and remote access
    Easy to customize to create new services to end users: dashboards, charts and animated synoptic
    Multilingual (each user can choose his language)
    Online configuration

    Different ways for automatic controls and calculation
    Calculation formulae using a natural and intuitive syntax, configured via the web access and associated to variables or alarms
    For more complex algorithm Xflow is able to manage a program realised with an IEC61131-3 workbench

    Security for your data
    All accesses are protected by user/password. Each user (maximum 128) has his own logon name and password and is associated with one of the four access levels (Consultant, Operator, Configurator or Administrator) defining their roles and rights. If necessary, roles and rights can then be adjusted more precisely user by user. The passwords never appear in natural language whether for Web connection (encryption with exchange of a different public key for each new session) or for storage in the database (encryption with private key).
    Every session is automatically closed after 20 minutes’ inactivity.
    A different session number is created at each new Web connection to ensure that the user connected is still the same during a given session. This session number appears in encrypted form in the URL (Internet address field of the browser).
    All incoming calls on a local serial port or Ethernet port, or else on a remote port (modem), are traced in a file (logon time, logoff time, identifier, IP address or telephone No. (if the number’s identifier function is enabled).
    By default, modem communications are not routed to the Ethernet interface.


    Renewable power generation monitoring (Photovoltaic, Wind, Hydro)
    Energy efficiency in buildings


    • Embedded synoptics for data display & control
    • Embedded graphics for data analysis
    • Configurable not programmable

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