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EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels

Today's luxury and full-service hotels must deliver engaging, personalised services to retain guest loyalty. EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels deliver the ultimate in-room comfort experience, while also driving greater efficiency, savings, and operational performance.
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Delivering a healthier hotel

Whether it’s an overnight stay or a three-week vacation, expectations for hotels have never been higher. Touchless technologies, indoor air quality management, UV light disinfection and UV germicidal irradiation are just a few ways hotels can provide enhanced hygiene and safety to ensure well-being and peace of mind for guests.

With EcoStruxure for Hotels solutions, companies like Hilton have operated their properties more efficiently, allowing them to maximise guest experience while reducing energy costs.
  • Today’s hotel guests expect a truly memorable experience and a fully connected and personalised guest room. For the ultimate in-room experience, EcoStruxure Connected Room Solutions for Hotels provides convenient guest room control of temperature, lighting, housekeeping, and much more, using modern room sensors and elegantly designed guest-facing controls.
  • To offer occupant comfort, hotel operators need systems performing optimally with limited budgetary and maintenance resources. EcoStruxure Building Advisor, a suite of analytic monitoring services, allows you to manage all your buildings with a single tool, across different systems and equipment. Continuous monitoring and performance trends ensure your systems and equipment are operating as designed and you can focus on business priorities and guests.
  • Hotels demand simple integration across systems and easy access to IoT devices. With EcoStruxure Building Operation, building managers can integrate and facilitate data exchange from multiple systems to improve staff productivity, reduce guest complaints, and enable superior guest room functionality.

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Deliver healthy, resilient hotels

How can hotels go beyond obvious measures to instil confidence in guests and staff that their properties are consistently healthy, clean, and safe? Watch our expert learning session to find out.

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