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do the NSX100 and the NS100 have the same mounting footprint?
Yes, They have different trip units and accessories but the dimensional foot print is the same.
how many 3 pole breakers can be fed by the A9XPH324?
That comb bar will feed 8x 3 pole breakers.
do the extended rotary handle for the INS load break switches fit on the old IN load break switch range?
No they do not fit, the old handles to suit the IN range are no longer available.
Is there a double pole, 3 position rotary switch in 600 series?
There is no offer for a 3 position double pole rotary mech in 600 series. Only the single pole PDL687M3WH which is 3 position, single pole.
What is the code for a 4 pole RCD to go with a NSX400?
Code for RCD unit is LV432456. The connection adapter required to mount this 4 pole unit onto a 3 pole NSX frame is LV432457.
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