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TeSys Vario

Safety switch-disconnectors to isolate and control motors up to 175 A (90 kW / 400 V)

Part of TeSys

TeSys Vario/Mini-Vario is a range of safety switch disconnectors from 12 A to 175 A. The solution provides a flexible choice of mounting and enclosure options for local starting or stopping of motors.

TeSys Vario
  • Features

    TeSys Vario/Mini-Vario safety switches ranging from 12 A to 175 A are available in open or enclosed versions. The rotary switch can be fixed on the front panel or DIN rail mounted to provide circuit breaking functionality and control the starting or stopping of motors.


    •  Front panel or DIN rail mounting
    •  Open or enclosed versions
    •  Wide range of handles: red, black, pistol and pad-lockable
    •  Several lengths of shaft
    •  Optional block to complete the main Switch:  
       - auxiliary NO-NC contact block  
       - 4      th     power pole  
       - Neutral pole  
       - Ground pole
    •  Recommended association with Thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers TeSys GV2-ME
    •  Available in kit (switch + handle + shaft = 1 reference) or separately
    •  Compliance with international codes
    •  Certifications  
       - UL508  
       - Marine


    TeSys Vario/Mini-Vario switches offer safety, reliability and flexibility. They are compact, easy to use and install, and meet all the international requirements for starting, stopping or insulating motors. The components can be purchased separately or as a complete kit. Reversible terminals have the same 3 pole body fitting with DIN rail or door applications and reduce the amount of references.


    TeSys Vario/Mini-Vario rotary switch disconnectors act as machine circuit load breakers and can be used for the manual stopping and starting of motors across a wide variety of applications.

    Enclosed versions are used close to motors (roofs of buildings, HVAC systems, longs of machines, conveyors) to provide a high level of protection for maintenance people.

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