Transparent Ready, User Guide

This user guide deals with the broad topic of industrial Ethernet, a key element of|Schneider Electric’s Transparent Ready strategy. The purposes of the guide are|twofold:|- to describe the impact of industrial Ethernet on new control system designs|- to give you the information you need to implement and support a Transparent|Ready solution that best meets your application requirements|The guide describes four key parts of a successful system implementation:|- planning a system for optimal performance|- selecting the right Ethernet services and devices for your application|- making the right choices as you design and install the system|- troubleshooting system problems effectively|The guide is written for:|- design engineers, system integrators and maintenance engineers who|understand industrial control systems and requirements but may not be familiar|with Ethernet products and services|- plant IT staff who understand the principles of Ethernet system design and|installation but may not be familiar with industrial control requirements and|environments







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Industrial Ethernet, FactoryCast Gateway, Modicon Momentum, Modicon Quantum, Modicon Switch

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