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TeSys Power

Short-circuit protection solution
TeSys provides a comprehensive range of main protection devices that can not only protect against multiple failures, e.g. short circuits, overload, locked rotor, ground fault or phase imbalance/loss), but enable the isolation and manual switch on/off control of a motor - rated from 0.4 A – 630 A (0.06 kW – 315 kW).

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TeSys Deca - frame 2

Magnetic and thermal magnetic motor circuit breakers up to 15 kW


TeSys Deca - frame 3

Magnetic and thermal magnetic motor circuit breakers up to 30 kW


TeSys Deca - frame 4

Circuit-breakers, coordinated with TeSys D contactors, to protect motors up to 115 A (55 kW / 400 V)


TeSys GS

Switch disconnector fuses from 32 to 1250 A

TeSys Control

Contactors and starters
TeSys provides a full range of switching devices compliant with global standards and designed for all your applications. It includes contactors, control relays, manual switch disconnectors, combined starters, and all-in-1 starters, from 6 A – 1800 A (LV up to 900 kW and MV up to 3.7 MW at 12 kV).

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TeSys U

Starter controllers up to 15 kW


TeSys Deca contactors

Contactors and reversing contactors up to 150A for inductive motor and 250A for resistive loads


TeSys F

Contactors for motor control up to 670kW/440 V and power switching up to 2600A/AC1


TeSys mini-vario, vario

Safety switch disconnectors

TeSys Protect

Motor and load protection devices
TeSys provides a full range of protection relay for motor and loads, covering 6 A – 810 A (2 kW to 500 kW) with the electromagnetic or electronic platform.

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Thermal Overload Relays- TeSys LRD

Thermal relays, coordinated with TeSys D contactors, to protect from overloads motors up to 150 A (75 kW / 400 V)


TeSys LR2 k

Thermal overload relays 0,06 kW to 5,5 kW


TeSys LR9

Electronic relays, coordinated with TeSys F contactors, to protects motors up to 630 A (315 kW / 400 V) from overloads


TeSys Deca electronic relays

Electronic overcurrent relays 0,3 A to 38 A


TeSys Deca overcurrent relays

Electronic overcurrent relays 0,5 A to 60 A

TeSys Active

Intelligent relay and motor starters
TeSys digitizes the motor and load management solutions, enables easy integration to the edge control, and provides a fantastic full-lifecycle customer experience from design, build, commissioning to operation and maintenance.

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Tesys T

Motor management system

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