Smart charging experience everywhere
eMobility solutions for you at home, in buildings, for fleets or in transit.
For fleets

Transition to a comprehensive, seamless, and scalable EV infrastructure for fleets that helps you meet your sustainability targets while reducing the TCO of your automotive crew and monetize charging on the go.
At home

Build and enjoy eMobility at the sustainable and efficient buildings and Homes of the Future. This EV solution provides homeowners with an easy, green, safe, and smart charging experience with optimized consumption and reduced carbon footprint.
In transit

Design and install street and transit eMobility solutions for greener mobility. The street and transit EV solutions enable EV drivers a smart and fast charging experience whenever it’s needed.

eMobility Strategy

Right eMobility strategy to set the path
Efficient planning and execution of projects with the right eMobility strategy.

Audit and consulting

Identify and evaluate your need, carry out facility audit, analyze your EV infrastructure and define the scope and goal of the project.

Energy strategy

Plan, set up, develop the strategy and design, identify partners and key stakeholders.

Digital eMobility

Digital eMobility solutions for more efficiency
Beyond the charging station, get a comprehensive solution for an efficient EV charging experience.

EV charging stations

Increase energy efficiency while optimizing electrical costs with reliable and smart EV infrastructure for homes, buildings, fleet depots, and transit EV charging stations.

Electrical distribution

Get faster time to market by implementing safe and resilient power distribution connected products, such as protection devices, switchboards, or meters.

Energy management

Ensure building power availability and minimal costs in electrical network upgrades or electricity bills with a load management system for smart and efficient EV charging.

Building Management Systems

Proactively address business inefficiencies and reduce operating costs while increasing occupant comfort and asset value with monitoring systems providing key insights.

Green eMobility

Green eMobility solutions for more sustainability
Clean energy for a more sustainable and affordable EV charging experience.

DER and microgrids

Reduce energy consumption costs from EV charging and secure power availability, uptime, and resilience through microgrids predicting the best time to buy, sell, store and consume energy with DERs such as PV and battery storage.

Energy procurement

Using clean energy sourcing together with demand charge mitigation solutions can make for enhanced energy efficiency and reduction of electricity purchasing cost by 10-40%.

Energy as a service

Energy as a Service delivers the energy outcomes customers need with no capital upfront or operational risks. It takes care of the design, construction, financing, ownership, operation, and maintenance of onsite microgrids.

Services to support the entire lifecycle

Services to support the entire lifecycle
Minimize downtime, optimize operational efficiency and guarantee a superior charging experience.


Operate and optimize

Efficiently manage your charging stations for optimized energy consumption and minimized carbon footprint while seamlessly monetizing your EV charging assets, which can be easily monitored and controlled through energy management capabilities.

A professional network

Maximize uptime with the support of a network of certified experts for consulting, field, and remote services, trained and equipped with tools to execute on-site interventions, remotely diagnose, and manage your eMobility assets.

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How can you benefit from our eMobility solutions for a sustainable and efficient EV charging experience?

Schneider Electric offers an innovative transition to a safe, cost-effective, and efficient EV charging infrastructure with end-to-end smart eMobility solutions.

As a leader in engineering and industrial software, Schneider Electric helps your mobility enterprise improve business performance and operational efficiency through EV solutions that optimize consumption and reduce carbon footprint.   EcoStruxure for eMobility, our innovative and comprehensive solution for an efficient EV charging experience, goes beyond the charging station and availability of safe and reliable EV chargers. Our end-to-end smart EV solutions connect the entire EV ecosystem to achieve a resilient, affordable, efficient, and sustainable EV charging experience for public and private owners or operators, and individual EV drivers.   Global eMobility companies rely on EV solutions from Schneider Electric to reduce energy consumption across their facility infrastructure, processes, and throughout their value chain and to optimize the life cycle of their assets.   Our experts and partners help you build a reliable and smart EV infrastructure for your installations and advise you on enabling the right strategy whether it is at destination, at work, at fleets, at homes, or in transit and streets. to compete in the dynamic eMobility industry.