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Remote monitoring solutions
Sustainable, reliable, and secure solutions for your remote operations.

EcoStruxure™ Geo SCADA Expert

An open software platform that’s effective for large enterprise environments and small systems alike, providing powerful features for the remote management of critical infrastructure.

Managing your remote Energies and Chemicals assets

  • 24/7 operation of critical infrastructure
  • Disparate field assets deployment and management
  • Strict reporting requirements
  • Liquid/gas measurement
  • Radio and distributed communication networks
  • Harsh environments classification
  • Ease of use

Solutions and benefits for Energies and Chemicals

Managing your remote Water and Wastewater assets

  • Critical infrastructure must operate 24/7
  • Strict reporting requirements
  • Harsh environments
  • Wide area deployment of assets

Solutions and benefits for Water and Wastewater

Featured products and software


SCADAPack 47x




Flow Measurement


Realift Rod Pump Control


Data Radios

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1. What is a remote management system?   

Remote management and monitoring systems offer a consistent and reliable method of monitoring assets and collecting vital performance metrics. Process or facility supervisors and other staff are supplied with real-time performance statistics, which provide critical information on the system’s condition, processes, and operations, along with real-time warnings when performance transitions outside of established boundaries.  

Remote management and monitoring solutions for industrial automation aid businesses in lowering total costs by reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and simplifying maintenance. Schneider Electric provides intelligent, effective, scalable, and sustainable remote infrastructure management solutions with comprehensive, seamless field-to-enterprise solutions that positively impact the cost of ownership control, ensuring increased efficiency, security, and regulatory compliance.   

2. What is an RMM?  

Remote Monitoring Management (RMM), often referred to as network management, can be considered a platform that assists managed IT service providers (MSPs) in enabling remote monitoring for client endpoint terminals, networks, and computing devices. With the development of RMM technologies, IT service providers have shifted to managed service providers or system integrators by actively monitoring and controlling systems or implementing remote automation solutions for processes, identifying and resolving faults. Integrating RMM solutions enables higher and more reliable income flows plus improved visibility into the health of the businesses.   

3. What is IoT and asset monitoring? 

Whether it is for monitoring vehicle fleets, identifying containers, tracing stolen or missing products, or detecting environmental changes, IoT asset monitoring provides the capabilities to increase productivity in a broad variety of sectors. IoT and asset monitoring solutions involve real-time information, decreased human involvement, asset optimization, cost tracking, enhanced monitoring, maintenance and security.  Schneider Electric’s remote asset monitoring solutions enable efficient management of remote operations and assets during their lifespan while ensuring optimal return on investment.