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What is circuit breaker control and how is it enabled in SEPAM devices?

User would like to learn more about circuit breaker control and how it is enabled in the SEPAM relays

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SEPAM series 20
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SEPAM series 80


Circuit breaker control is a function available on the SEPAM series relays to enable the remote opening and closing of circuit breakers. ​When this function is enabled, I11 and I12 (SEPAM 80 I101 and I102) are automatically locked into being the open and closed status contacts from the breaker. If these contacts are not connected when CB control is enabled the relay will return a Trip Circuit Fault.

To enable circuit breaker control, connect to the SEPAM relay using SFT2841 and access the program logic screen. The function is labeled CB Control: here it may be enabled or disabled as needed.

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