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Ethernet_2 on my TM251MESE is connected to my configuration PC, why does the Controller Selection screen display the IP Address of Ethernet_1?

Published date: 25 October 2019

When my PC with EcoStruxure Machine Expert (or SoMachine) is connected to my TM251MESE via Ethernet_2 on the device, why does the Communication Settings (Controller Selection in SoMachine) tab screen show the IP Address configured on Ethernet_1?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Machine Expert / SoMachine, Modicon M241, Modicon M251

Configuration Software on Windows

The memory register on the PLC that EcoStruxure Machine Expert gets the value from in order to populate the IP_Address column from contains only the primary IP Address of the PLC which is tied to Ethernet_1. Ethernet_2 is originally designed to be on a different subnet than Ethernet_1 for a Device Network, but also has the ability to be used as a point of connection for configuration from EcoStruxure Machine Expert.

Note: This applies to TM4ES4 Secondary Ethernet modules for Modicon M241.

Keep a record of IP Addresses tied to Ethernet_1 and Ethernet_2 for your PLC(s). Be aware of this behaviour in the Communication Settings (Controller Selection in SoMachine) tab screen when you connect to the PLC.
If you use the setting "Connection Mode -> IP Address" at the bottom of the Communication Settings tab screen, you can still enter the IP Address of Ethernet_2 to connect to the PLC. 

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