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Smoke stacks

Faster response to smouldering fires

More accurate and faster response to flaming fires – keeping your love ones safe. Providing the earliest detection of a fire hazard in the home, so occupants can escape quickly and safely.

10-year longlife lithium battery

No fuss and hassles in batteries replacement for smoke alarm in 10 years. 24/7 Fire Safety.

Built-in wireless interconnect

When one alarm is triggered, all the other interconnected alarms will enter alarm mode. Especially useful for multi-storey homes where the activated alarm closest to the fire may simply be too far away for occupants to hear.

Modern aesthetic without compromising on safety

> Modern and Sleek Design
> Tamperproof mounting base
> Easy install and simple pairing
1. Choose high-quality alarms from a reputable supplier (Schneider Electric’s 755LPSMA4 recommended)

2. Install multiple alarms and have them interconnected for the best protection

3. Ensure your alarms are installed by a professional installer

4. Choose photoelectric smoke alarms for the earliest response to smouldering fires, the most common and highest risk house fires.

5. Test alarm operation and clean the unit regularly (at least once a month).

6. Check battery condition regularly (at least once a month).

7. Replace smoke alarm after 10 years of life.

A short guide to smoke alarms and planning for escape in an emergency
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Lithium battery smoke alarm

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