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    Food and Beverage Machinery Automation Solutions

    From simple to complex, compact to modular – find the right solution for your machine or line. Schneider Electric provides complete automation for food and beverage machinery.

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    Smart machines for food & beverage

    The food & beverage landscape is changing: more modularity in production lines, more flexible output, and integration with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are the drivers.

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    Complete automation solutions for food and beverage machinery

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      Meat & poultry machinery Meat and poultry processing involves functions like cutting, skinning, de-boning, dicing, slicing, grinding, blending, tenderizing, and sausage and meatball forming. This product type includes blending and grinding, cutting and slicing, skinning and de-boning equipment, and complete flow lines.
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      Dairy machinery Equipment includes boosters, churning equipment, conveyors, crystallizers, dehydrators, evaporators, freezers, homogenizers, pasteurizers, pumps, reverse osmosis equipment, scraped surface heat exchangers, tanks, ultra filtration equipment, and complete flow lines.
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      Confectionary machinery Equipment for this product type includes extruders, enrobing and decorating machines, molders, tempering machines, and complete flow lines.
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      Beverage machinery Equipment for the processing of soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and drinks in general (excluding juice and dairy). This includes booster pumps, extruders and pumps, heat exchangers, homogenizers, presses, separators and mixers, tanks, and complete flow lines.
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      Bakery machinery Processing equipment includes cutters and molders, dividers, dough makers, fryers, ovens, proofers and retarders, sheet rollers, and complete flow lines.
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      Fruit & vegetables machinery Processing of fruit and vegetables involves shredding, slicing, grating, dicing and cutting. This product type includes blanchers and cookers, corers, huskers, peelers and splitters, pitters and destemmers, slicers and dicers, sorters, and complete flow lines
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      Seafood machinery This includes processing all types of seafood and includes equipment for battering, breading, filleting, heading and gutting, mincing, skinning, stuffing, and frying, and complete flow lines.
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      Other machinery Machines for processing animal food, ready meals, grain, nuts, legumes, flour, coffee, fats, oils, salt and sugar.

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