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CANOPEN run light never stops blinking when the address is correctly assigned to the NCO2212

CANOPEN run light never stops blinking when the address is correctly assigned to the NCO2212

Product Line

Windows 7

When you insert an Advantys island as a slave in the 'Sycon' software, only the first four (4) RxPDO's

and TxPDO's are enabled.

If you enable any of the other 'PDO's', the COB-ID's that Sycon assigns to 'TxPDO 5' through 'TxPDO xxx'
(i.e., TxPDO 12, etc.) or 'RxPDO 5' through 'RxPDO xx (i.e., RxPDO 12, etc.) could be outside of the range
specified by the DS301 version 4.02 'CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile'
specification. If this happens, the CANOPEN run light on the NCO2212 will stay blinking even if
the correct CANOPEN network address is configured for the module.

The following table is from the 'CANopen Application Layer and Communication Profile' specification
DS301 version 4.02.

To resolve the problem:

  • Open the Sycon configuration.
  • Deselect the checkbox next to 'Automatic COB-ID allocation in accordance with profile 301'.

  • Change the COB-ID to a number that is within range of the specification. (.e., 1180 to 1185)
  • Click OK to save the changes and close the 'Node Configuration' window.
  • Save the 'Sycon' configuration.
  • Update the Unity application by clicking on 'refresh'
  • Save the changes.
  • Build the Unity application.
  • Transfer the Unity application to the PLC.
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