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What is the difference between ATS and MTS?

ATS is short from Automatuc Transfer Switches, MTS is short from Manual Transfer Switches. meanwhile,ATS must be provide the UA controller to operated between both breaker to turn on & off as well.

What is the minimum opening time & closing time for the LF Circuit Breaker.

Schneider Make Circuit Breakers are designed on mean opening time or closing time. The value is same for LF1 or LF2 or LF3 Circuit Breakers. It is linked to the operating mechanism RI used for all the LF Circuit Breaker. Mean opening time at Un : 48 ms. Mean Closing time at Un: 65 ms. Where Un =...

Varlogic NR6 & NR12 User manual

please find Varlogic NR6 & NR12 Power Factor Controller User manual as file attached

What is the rated Short-Circuit Making Capacity (Icm) value for Compact NS MCCB?

The rated Short-Circuit Making Capacity (Icm) for Compact NS Moulded Case Circuit Breaker is as per the table attached and is dependent on the Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity (Icu). (Note: Table is extracted from IEC 60947-2 document) Example: For NS 100 N, 100A MCCB at 440V, Short-Circuit...

How do you unlock the access of all Drive Parameters in an Altivar 31 Drive

In order to gain access to all the Altivar 31 Drive parameters one of the two conditions will apply: 1. Parameter Access Via Standard Keypad (Integrated LED Display): Enter the Customer password in parameter Terminal Locking Code (Cod) in Monitoring Menu (Sup). 2. Parameter Access Via Remote...

Do Schneider have current transformer class 5P10

Schneider do not have current transformer class 5P10. Because current transformer class 5P10 is protective CT but Schneider CT is metering CT. Moreover, the meaning of CT 200/5 15VA 5P10 is below.

What are the meaning of DM, PrsDM, PrdDM and MD of PM2100

The parameter in the yellow circle: DM Last Demand PrsDM Present/ Raising demand PrdDM Predictive demand MD Max Demand Power Demand Power demand is a measure of average power consumption over a fixed time interval. NOTE: If not specified, references to “demand”...

Can we interlocking between 2 circuit breakers in same time ?

To interlock 2 of circuit breakers we can lock by electrical or mechanical interlock. The electrical interlock could be used shunt trip or undervoltage trip to do interlock. The mechanical interlock could be used the option toggle lock, lock rotary handle, key lock, cable or rod locking devices.

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What is the part number of the cable used for communication between TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card and other RS485 device.

TSXSCPCM4030 cable is required from TSXSCP114 PCMCIA card to the Modbus branching device TSXSCA50 for connecting other RS485 device on the Modbus Network. In case TSXSCA50 Modbus branching device is not used, you can connect this cable directly to Modbus RS 485 device. For this you have to...

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