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Is the ToolsCF.exe compatible with Windows 7?

Goals and Symptoms

The ToolsCF.exe does not work with Windows 7.

Facts and Changes

The ToolsCF.exe is not compatible with Windows 7.

Causes and Fixes

R&D has developed a bootable disk image in order to be able to run ToolsCF.exe on a PC with Windows 7. So, if you want to use ToolsCF.exe with Windows 7, you need to burn the ISO file on a CD and then, boot on it.

Here is your access in order to download this ISO file:

1. Go to the FTP site: ftp.fr.schneider-electric.com
2. Username: ToolsCF_Win7
3. Password: ToolsCF_Win7
4. Folder: /ToolsCF_Win7

Note: To download this software use an FTP client like Filezilla or a download manager like Free Download Manager.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209356 V1.0, Originally authored by JeMa on 10/10/2012, Last Edited by JeMa on 10/10/2012
Related ranges: Magelis Smart

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