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How do I load an SoMachine V4.1 application to a M241 controller via an SD card?

1. Compile your project to make sure there is no error in the project. 

2. In MyController--> PLC settings set the Starting Mode to "Start in Run". 

3. Rebuid your project. 

4. Go to Project Option and select Mass Storage. 

5. In Mass Storage window click on Macros Button and select the option Download App. This will insert three script in Download action. 
6. Again click on add new in Mass Storage to insert a new action. 

7. Select this new action and from command drop down select the option Reboot. This will insert a new line in script as Reboot. 

8. Make sure that your drive is formatted as FAT 32 format. 

9. Click on Generate Button and give the path of the drive. 

10. In Message window you will see the message as a Script was generated successfully. 

11. Safely remove the drive from your system and insert it into the PLC, then power on the PLC. 

12. You will notice that (SD/USB) LED will start blinking. This indicate that Program Transfer is in progress. 

13. At the end you will notice indication that the transfer finished successfully (M258/LMC058 - USB LED becomes solid ON, M241/M251 - SD Card is Steady ON and ERR LED is flashing) 

14. Do not power off the controller but remove the drive from PLC. This automatically execute an reboot command and you can notice the reboot action of PLC. 

15. After successful reboot controller will remain in Stop Mode. 

16. To Start the controller simply Power off the controller and power on again. This action will put controller in Run Mode as we have selected the option Start in Run for Start Mode.