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How can Unity Pro build error "Internal PLC memory full" error be corrected?

The PLC does not have enough memory to accommodate the project.

If the PLC does not have enough space for the executable code, the PCMCIA card may be the answer.
If the project is using more than 1 meg of declared/user data, the PCMCIA card will not correct the error.

The user can delete unused variables, purge unused FB instances and turn off 'Upload' information but it may be necessary to choose a PLC with more memory.

If the error appeared after online edits, it is possible that an excessive amount of edits has caused the issue. Take the project offline and perform and export / import of the project the CPU would need to be stopped and this newly exported project loaded to the CPU.

To see the amount of online build changes that have been done, right click on the project name at the top of the project browser and select properties and in the Identification tab the edits are listed under 'Build'. This will get reset to '0' by the export / import process.

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