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I-Line Smart Cell Information

Information and specification data for an I-Line Smart Cell.

Product Line
I-Line Panel, Smart Systems, EM3500, Micrologic Trip Units, PM8244, PM5563

Application requiring breaker communication, arc fault mitigation, or entry level metering in new or exist I-Line panels or I-Line switchboard sections.

The Smart Cell devices are made to go into I-Line panel or I-Line section in a switchboard. There are 4 types of cells.

Smart Systems Communications, which facilitates Ethernet-connected electrical distribution devices to help customers reduce downtime, manage energy use, and improve operational efficiency. Smart Systems features real-time monitoring of Square D PowerPact with Micrologic circuit breakers, as well as a variety of other power distribution and monitoring devices.
The solution collects data in real time and can send configurable email alerts to allow remote monitoring. The data can be used to pinpoint and immediately address troublesome areas and help  facilitate a predictive maintenance program.
Smart Systems includes the IFE Interface, which uses fast and reliable Ethernet connectivity to access breaker status, meter data, and energy trending, as well as send email alerts and control a breaker’s on-off status (optional). The IFE works along with IFM serial interfaces to communicate with multiple circuit breakers.

Entry-level metering EM3555 with Modbus or EM3560 with BACnetTM can be easily and conveniently installed in an I-Line Panelboard. The EM3500 series DIN Rail meters have ANSI 12.20 0.2% accuracy, rated up to 600 Vac, and use Low Voltage Current Transformers (LVCT). The EM3560 BACnet MS/TP with logging, and includes pulse inputs for WAGES. The EM3555 Modbus  Serial with logging includes bidirectional monitoring, real energy output, and phase loss alarm output.

Basic and Intermediate level metering PM5563 and PM8244 Power Meters can be easily and conveniently installed in an I-Line Panelboard.  Both types of meteres come have Class 0.2S Accuracy, communicate with onboard Ethernet or RS-485 connections, and use 3090 Split Core Current Transformers (3090SCCT).  More information can be found about each meter series on FA234023 and FA244498.  

Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS) meets NEC 2014 code (Section 240.87) requirements and reduces arc energy during maintenance to improve electrical contractor safety when used with the new ERMS Micrologic P and H trip units. ERMS trip setting offers electronic adjustability for coordination.

See attached document for information.
  • Part Numbers- Handouts
  • Application Information- Instruction Bulletin
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