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Do the iEM3000 meters support Demand calculations?

Published date: 18 December 2018

Do the iEM3000 meters support Demand calculations?

Acti 9 iEM3000 (iEM3455, iEM3465, iEM3555, iEM3565)

Meter technical specifications

Demand Readings are available in the iEM34xx and iEM35xx models from the below firmware versions. iEM34xx and iEM35xx models with older firmware
versions cannot be upgraded.

• iEM34x5 - V1.2.003 and higher
• iEM35x5 - V1.1.001 and higher
• iEM3465 and iEM3565 - BACnet V2.4 and higher

Demand registers are listed in the latest iEM3000 Series User Manual available at the iEM3000 Documents & Downloads page.

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