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Is it possible to connect non-referenced pulse energy meter in Smartlink ELEC ? How to configure the demand power?

It is highly recommended to use referred references in Schneider Electric catalogue.
If use non-referenced pulse energy meter, you need to make herebelow configuration.
Power = Energy/Time = (3600 x Weight of each pulse)/time is seconds between the 2 last pulses
This gives an average power calculated in the recent past, as it is calculated between the 2 last pulses received by the Smartlink EL B from the connected meter. The minimum width of pulse must be 50ms.
i.e., if 4 seconds between 2 last pulses, and weight is 10 Wh per pulse (in that example the unit is Wh), calculation will give 3600*10/4 = 9000 W
It is set to zero if no new pulse has been received after 3 times the time between the 2 last pulses.
Precision is 5% when frequency of pulses is less or equal to 5 Hz (5 pulses per second)

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