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Cannot uninstall Control Expert


When trying to uninstall the previous version of Control Expert the following error is presented:


When trying to install the newer version a message such as the following is presented:



In a scenario such as above, the Microsoft Troubleshooting tool can often be used to uninstall 'broken' installs.


Using the Tool, follow the procedure below for any of the applications listed that are still installed.

Control Expert must be uninstalled.

NOTE: This will not uninstall the DTM Libraries and additional Tools (SESU, License Manager) installed with Control Expert.

To uninstall DTM Libraries the following programs must be uninstalled:

·EcoStruxure Control Expert PsX DTM Library

·Schneider Electric Mx80 HART Gateway DTM Library

·Schneider Electric BME NOR DTM Library

·Schneider Electric PME DTM Library


·Schneider Electric Placeholder DTM Library

The following additional tools also need to be uninstalled.

·Schneider Electric License Manager (Also the Floating License Manager if you have that installed but make sure that you have the necessary files and info required to reinstall and setup)

·Schneider Electric Software Update (SESU)

After the above, reboot and proceed with installing Control Expert in a normal fashion. (and the floating license if you uninstalled it)

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