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A win-win for operational and environmental safety

Combining pure air insulation, vacuum technology, and digital capabilities, our SF6-free AirSeT MV innovation offers unprecedented improvements for the operator, as well as public health and safety. On the one hand, it delivers solid and proven solutions for safer network management; on the other hand, it avoids human-made gases, thus eliminating the risks associated with leaks or toxic by-products.
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Enabling the transition to greener power systems

With AirSeT, we enable businesses and electricity companies to transition to sustainable MV technology smoothly. Our offers maintain a compact physical footprint and can be deployed as an extension to existing switchgear. The ingenuity of the air  and vacuum solution allows us to offer the just-right solution for the application at hand. With EcoStruxure-ready digital technologies, the SF₆-free AirSeT MV equipment with Active connectivity helps improve safety, security, efficiency, modern asset management, and network optimization.
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AirSeT recognized by industry experts

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Future-proof your operations with AirSeT

Enjoy greener buildings

Cut your global warming potential (GWP). Equip your facility with future-ready power distribution technology based on environmentally-friendly components.

Make your business sustainable

Increase your business with sustainable switchgear featuring superior technology to help protect people and businesses. We make it easy for you.

Fortify your smart grid

Stay ahead of new regulations. Adopt SF₆-free AirSeT MV solution for up to 40 years of operational life, optimized OpEx, the lower total cost of ownership, and extended capacity to manage more DER.

Advanced green MV switchgear technology and its implications

Easy to adopt, the new SF₆-free MV switchgear technology for secondary distribution offers a boost in sustainability and safety benefits. This paper discusses technology details and its implications.
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Medium voltage switchgear is a critical component of electrical distribution. Yet a significant part of the MV equipment deployed in the electrical network contains SF₆ gas, which has a high global warming potential (GWP). It is possible to remove SF₆ from the switch gear, but that often means replacing the SF₆ switch with a vacuum circuit breaker. It has three main drawbacks. It makes the equipment more complex and bigger. Fuse protection on a transformer is impossible. And operators are forced to change the way they work. However, thanks to innovation, we have managed to remove SF₆ from our MV switchgear.

Our new SF₆-free AirSeT switchgear technology powered by air and digital features aid businesses on their way to green buildings, green facilities, and a more sustainable grid. The SF₆-free AirSeT combines pure air insulation, shunt vacuum interruption technology, and digital capabilities. It offers unprecedented improvements with no change in the way you operate the switchgear. It can be deployed as an extension to existing switchgear. It has identical reliability and electrical performance. It stays compact in size, and we keep the fuse protection and the switch functions that make it the most cost-effective solution. With SF₆-free AirSeT, we enable businesses and electricity companies to transition to sustainable MV technology smoothly. Our blue sustainability offer maintains an offset carbon footprint. Now MV gets green technology with SF₆-free. Because we believe the best gas is pure air.