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  • Technicians at their station, sustainability reporting.

    Preventive and condition based maintenance for electrical distribution

    Add greater safety, availability, life span, productivity and energy efficiency to your power infrastructure with our on-site condition based maintenance.

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Preventive and condition based maintenance

Achieve the optimum performance of your installation and your business sustainability.

Our tailored maintenance program, adapted to your operating conditions and with on-site condition-based maintenance, we help you to improve the safety of your personnel and goods, mitigate power outages, increase your equipment’s availability to maximize your productivity and energy efficiency while keeping your power infrastructure longer.

  • Maintenance tailored to your needs

    The health of your electrical distribution equipment plays a important role in the performance of your business having it run, grow and be more sustainable.


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    2000+ field services representatives with in-depth knowledge of equipment's architecture, technologies, features, evolutions along its lifecycle, and integration into its environment
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    On-site condition-based maintenance with unique tools (testing instruments) and software (advanced analytics) to secure the excellence and harmonization of our field operations
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    250,000+ Field Service interventions performed yearly following the same standard of service as our safety, maintenance, diagnostics, and genuine spare parts supply protocols

Our Maintenance services offer

  • Safety & regulations compliance

    Get an in-depth understanding of safety regulations and any other mandatory requirements associated with the equipment. We help you keep your equipment in the optimum operating conditions.
  • Energy efficiency & availability

    Ensure the availability and energy efficiency of the equipment to function as required to enhance the productivity of your processes so that your business can run, grow and be more sustainable at optimum cost.
  • Endurance

    Manage costs and extend your equipment life cycle, while ensuring both product and service quality.
  • Greater peace of mind at all times

    Achieve peace of mind thanks to our standardized maintenance and diagnostic practices, respected worldwide and following rigorous manufacturer protocols.
  • Unique diagnostics through on-site condition-based maintenance

    Monitor the health status of your equipment with our OnSite Condition Maintenance offering (Essential or Advanced), or our OnSite ProDiag diagnosis program.
    Regular diagnosis can identify a potential component malfunction or degradation before fault happens.
    Detailed customer reports include expert advice to maintain your equipment safer, more productive and energy efficient, for longer.
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Strategies for Maintaining Electrical Distribution Equipment

Different approaches to equipment maintenance have varying effects on safety, service continuity, power infrastructure optimization, equipment protection, energy efficiency, efficient spare parts management, and the total cost of ownership. > Download the white paper