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  • DCIM Software, Data Center Infrastructure Management

    Cloud-based DCIM Software

    EcoStruxure™ IT cloud-enabled, vendor-neutral DCIM software to monitor your data centres and IT locations. Easily scalable, secure visibility wherever you go.

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Introducing EcoStruxure IT cloud-based monitoring

A data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system is a set of software tools used to monitor, plan, and manage infrastructure components within the IT ‘white space’ including UPSs, PDUs, racks, rack PDUs, environmental monitoring gear, physical security, and fire detection/suppression systems. The aim of an effective data center infrastructure management initiative is to provide administrators with a holistic view of a data center's performance, so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

A data center infrastructure management system effectively matches the facility’s resources with changing IT requirements, preventing downtime, improving resiliency and response, reducing operating expenses, and providing a sound basis for capacity planning decisions.

A well-implemented DCIM system helps operators to make the most efficient use of power, cooling, and space capacities. Availability of the physical infrastructure systems and the IT workloads that are supported by them is enhanced. At the same time, many data center management activities are simplified or automated, enabling operators to focus on other issues and tasks.
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    Remote monitoring service — Asset Advisor Discover our 24/7, cloud-based remote monitoring service. Data-driven recommendations from our service bureau are the extra pair of eyes you need. > Learn more
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    Maintain uptime and manage alarms with cloud-based monitoring. Enjoy secure wherever-you-go visibility and control.
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  • Bainbridge Island School District

    World-class education to 4000 students, operational efficiency and peace of mind. Watch the video to see how it's all possible with EcoStruxure IT.

  • Cavern Technologies

    Cavern Technologies relies on our solution platform to better service its colocation customers. See how they achieve peace of mind with remote data centre monitoring and management through EcoStruxure IT.

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Digital Remote Monitoring and How it Changes Data Centre Operations and Maintenance

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Introducing EcoStruxure IT cloud-based monitoring

A data center infrastructure management solution facilitates the planning and management of a data center or colocation facility through modelling and analytics insights. When integrated into existing systems, it consolidates data for enhanced end-to-end visibility. With additional cloud-based monitoring, users get real-time data that make modelling and planning more precise in terms of power consumption.
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    On-premise DCIM software Optimise your data centre. Plan power, mechanical systems, IT space for efficiency and reliability. Learn more

On-premise DCIM — monitoring, planning and modelling

This approach provides critical insights before implementing data center infrastructure changes, reducing risk and increasing return-on-investment. Users can model to optimise space and capacity, analyse business impact, automate workflows, and control utility costs.

Monitoring and automation functions

- Visibility of the status and configuration of physical infrastructure systems
- Proactive notification of changing status and alarm conditions
- Remote configuration of facility power, cooling, and security system settings

Planning and implementation functions

- Tracking of assets and their dependencies
- Facilitating efficient deployment of new equipment
- Execution of planning in order to facilitate changes

Inventory management tools provide an overview of data center operations as well as details of all assets in the environment, with tools available to provide data down to each rack and its individual IT equipment, as well as its energy utilisation, temperature and humidity.

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