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Reduce downtime and costs

Expand the capabilities of your electrical system with minimal downtime and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and installing new switchgear. Direct replacement and/or retrofill solutions are available for any manufacturer’s equipment.

Improve reliability of your critical equipment

Our modernization solutions utilize the upgraded technology of the Masterpact™ insulated case circuit breaker for low-voltage systems or the Magnum™ circuit breaker for medium-voltage systems. Both the Masterpact and the Magnum circuit breakers are installed, tested and commissioned by qualified field service personnel and are backed by a one-year warranty. Extended warranties are available.

Medium Voltage Direct Replacement

Our medium voltage Magnum circuit breakers are designed to fit into your existing cubicle with little-to-no modification to the switchgear cell.

Medium Voltage Retrofill

Modify your existing medium voltage switchgear and improve reliability. Learn how our MV retrofill solution works and the benefits of upgrading!

Low Voltage Retrofill

Over 150+ designs available, upgrading your current switchgear is easier than you think. Learn how our retrofill solution can help improve reliability and save costs!

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Medium-Low Voltage Refurbish Program

Reconditioning power circuit breakers is a cost-effective solution for any maintenance budget that helps restore equipment reliability and reduce the potential for downtime.
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