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Services across the entire equipment lifecycle

Get direct access to our experts who provide comprehensive knowledge of the unique systems that power your business. The results? Minimized downtime, maximized operational efficiency and safety, and reduced carbon footprint.

Unlock the full potential of your connectable products from the first day of their installation:

  • 24/7 monitoring and alarming
  • Access to exclusive and faster response times, on-site intervention, discounts on spare parts, and more
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More services for assets and systems

Our expertise in multiple domains and capabilities to leverage data bring new perspectives.

Cybersecurity services

Harnessing the power of IoT requires the best protection for your business. We address cybersecurity at all stages of our manufacturing process, committed to providing industry-leading services and solutions across all business types and industries.

Sustainability business services

Our energy and sustainability experts help companies turn energy into a controllable spend, increase efficiency, and meet energy sustainability goals.

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1. Why choose Schneider Electric's services?

Schneider Electric is a leading company specializing in energy and digital automation solutions. In recent years, there has been a global movement to make the world more environmentally aware. As a result, the industrial sector and institutions like schools, colleges, and NGOs are coming together to make the planet a cleaner and healthier place to live by making environment-friendly choices. Schneider Electric understands the rising climatic threats and tries to empower all by bridging the gap between progress and sustainability. We carry the expertise and knowledge to deliver exceptional digital capabilities, as well as electrical distribution, industrial automation, and UPS services across various industries. Our quality services and solutions boost your equipment's efficiency, enhance asset performance, and ensure a sustainable future by using green technology that helps decarbonize industries.

2. What is the importance of our IoT-based services?

At Schneider Electric, we understand the importance of IoT-based services and the revolution they bring to the industrial sector. They help induce transparency to the entire environment and provide business owners with an in-depth look at how their systems function. This leads to close monitoring, constructive changes, and better decisions, accelerating the productivity of business operations. Schneider Electric EcoStruxure is an IoT-enabled and interoperable architecture that offers IoT solutions across Connected Products, Edge Control, Apps, Analytics, and Services. It is highly beneficial for industries, infrastructure, data centers, and buildings, helping increase asset performance. EcoStruxure incorporates innovative IoT advancements like cloud, cybersecurity, sensing, analytics, and mobility to interlink every corner of an enterprise. Furthermore, it effectively collects and analyzes data to optimize your business's efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and connectivity to deliver robust IoT-based digital solutions and services to multiple industries like Automotive and eMobility, Commercial Real Estate, Metals, and Process Automation.