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1. What is industrial automation software?   

In simple words, industrial automation involves a set of technologies that use control systems, software, and devices to enable the automatic operation of industrial machinery and processes without the assistance of human operators. This effectively reduces the possibilities of human error, saves time, reduces cost, and helps achieve even higher performance.    

Whether you design or operate industrial automation systems, incorporating robust industrial software solutions in the automation system can help you achieve higher performance coupled with maximized energy efficiency, safety, and reliability.     

2. What are the benefits of integrated software solutions?   

There are several benefits of integrated industrial software solutions such as:    

3. Energy industry software solutions for a sustainable future   

Schneider Electric accelerates the transformation of buildings, industry, and infrastructure with the support of an agnostic industrial software portfolio. Our IoT solutions for a sustainable future include EcoStruxure Machine Expert, EcoStruxure Control Expert, EcoStruxure Power Design, and more. These empowering industrial software solutions can help you improve the efficiency of your business’s operations throughout its lifecycle — from construction, operation, and design stages to the maintenance stage.